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heat sheald for POWER INTAKE (2001/11/24)


Aluminum boardfor making side board. Thickness is 0.3mm. 435×930mm.1500 yen. (It remained in large numbers!!)
Aluminum boardfor upper surface lid.Thickness us 0.5mm. 435×300mm.700 yen. (It was insufficient for a while!!)
Pasteboardfor paper pattern. about 40cm x 50cm. 200 yen.
metal fittingsL type 160 yen
BoltM6.60 yen.
NutM6.60 yen.
WasherM6. 60 yen.
Piece of Velcro580 yen.
Sticker of A'PEXi CO., LTDfor Decoration

A required tool


The air cleaner of S15 is attached in the bottom of the engine room right. If the circumference of a pure air cleaner box is observed and near the bolt which is fixing the pure air cleaner box will be divided, all air cleaner portions are likely to be isolable. It seems that it is not necessary to make the heat cover board of the portion since the bottom can divert the floor of an engine room. Therefore, what is necessary will be just to create the parts which are wearing the side and the upper surface of an air cleaner.

The aluminum board was adopted as material in consideration of the ease of carrying out and lightness of processing. When I inserted in the end also with the thin board, I thought that rigidity was probably securable. Then, it can cut also with ordinary scissors, the 0.3mm aluminum board was chosen. Since there was a portion carried and fixed to a body, thin sponge material with a double-sided tape was also purchased to crack prevention.

I worried very much about whether a heat insulation sheet is stuck on the reverse-side side of an aluminum board. Since aluminum tends to get hot, if it continues moving engine in the state where thermal insulation is not stuck for a long time, the aluminum board itself will get hot. Consequently, the air of the portion isolated with much trouble will be warmed. However, since inhalation of air did not remain in the engine room for a long time unless it was also traffic congestion, it decided not to stick thermal insulation this time for the time being. It considers as the subject on and after next time.

It plans to consider the appearance after completion and to make it processing of a board on top end few if possible. I want to stick the sticker of A'PEXi and to finish smartly.

TOK style Attachment procedure

  1. The paper pattern of the side of heat shield is made hitting and measuring a direct paper pattern from thing.

    1. A paper pattern is turned off actually setting pasteboard by the car, and the paper pattern of near accuracy is made.
    2. A fine size is adjusted based on the paper pattern of the created near accuracy, and the paper pattern for acting before the audience is made.
    The paper pattern of the side board which I created is placed by the PDF file. If it prints in A4 paper and an expansion copy is carried out at A3 paper, I will think that it becomes full size mostly. [The paper pattern of a side board (PDF 6.92KB)]

  2. A paper pattern is applied and an aluminum board is turned off with scissors.

  3. The insertion portion of the cut aluminum board is inserted in using a hammer and ruler.

  4. It attaches in heat shield of the side using a hand drill etc., and the hole of business is made. However, since it was troublesome, it stuck on the heat-resistant aluminum tape, and fixed to the air cleaner.

    1. L character metallic ornaments are attached in the bolt for pure air cleaner box fixation of an engine floor.
    2. A board and metallic ornaments are stuck on an aluminum tape, and it fixes.
    3. The attachment portion of an upper surface lid is degreased in alcohol, and a piece of Velcro is stuck.

  5. It will become such appearance if the side is attached.

  6. Like the side, first of all, the attachment image of an upper surface board is considered, and a paper pattern is created.

  7. An upper lid is attached.

    1. 0.5mm aluminum board is cut using the created paper pattern. A required portion is bent and a lid is created.
    2. A connection portion with a side board is degreased in alcohol, and a piece of Velcro is stuck.
    3. Attachment. I think that a form does not suit probably for the first time then well. Suitably, please cut or delete and adjust size.
    4. It is completion when decorating with a sticker like a commercial part.

  8. A completed type looks such.


The atmosphere of an engine room became such. Is it visible to commercial elegance?
Although it thought that it was because it is winter, there was almost no effect which can be felt. The check of an effect is a rain check till summer when temperature becomes high.

Although it operated for a while, it is touch that heat shield has heat for a while. It seems that especially the side board that is carrying out the right pair to engine tends to have heat. Although it gets hot, since it is the heat of the grade touched by hand, it is not a big problem. However, it may be necessary to stick a heat insulation sheet inside in summer.

After and the present condition are only the holes which are vacant as for the inhalation place of air from the beginning on the pure duct and the engine floor. It seems to be better to make an open air duct in the hole of a floor. I think whether a stocking can be used instead of the filter of a duct.

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