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aluminum wheel wearing commemoration - S15 silvia with Racing SPARCO Viper-R

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silvia in Okutama drive way (2001/10/7)

front view
To a front bumper, I want sharpness to a slight degree.
It is in Tokyo here.
I think that rear view of silvia is beautiful
front view
Don't you regard such angles as good, either?
side view
I think that the shape of a coupe is beautiful.
rear view
There is an image of the British vehicle in this character line.
rear wheel
SPARCO Viper-R 17-85/+35
YOKOHAMA M7R225-45-R17
The angle which often exists
front wheel
SPARCO Viper-R 17-75/+30
YOKOHAMA M7R 215-45-R17


A motorbike also has much Okutama.
Lancer Evolution 7
Husband and wife passing middle age had ridden.
It is agreeable if three sets are located in a line by different colors.
NEW Imprezza
very nice!
face of Imprezza
Since origin is decent, sense of incongruity does not have bold appearance, either.
side view of Imprezza
Although there is height unexpectedly, there is never nothing awkwardly.

silvia in Makuhari Messe (2001/10/6)

very nice
very very nice
very very very nice

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