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When I carried out to a drive in Odaiba, also by chance, the champion meeting of Mitsubishi was held there. Of course, I viewed it. The hall was unexpectedly vacant. Is it because the war record of Mitsubishi was not active this year? Or is it because a popular person's MAKINEN has transferred to Subaru? But it was close, operation (demonstration run) of the top driver of WRC and the top driver of a domestic rally could be seen, and it was good.


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Mitsubishi Rally Team Machines
A car over there is a car of Macrae specification.
Allister Macrae
An engine room seems to be simple and its front seems to be light.
Fumio Yadahara
Groupe.N specification

Movie File(WMV/MPEG4) of Demonstartion Running

Although 1 time of demonstration running time was for only 1 minute, the pit crew was performing tire exchange for every one run. Therefore, the driver was performing the drift run beyond necessity. :-P. It is taking its hat off at the run which is full of the service soul of Macrae and Delcour especially. It ran immediately through near the barricade of a seat purposely, and the spectator was surprised. I am also careless enough to be surprised and it has squatted down.

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Macrae (1.8MB)
Delecour (2.1MB)
Ordynski (2.2MB)
K.Taguchi (1.8MB)
F.Nutahara (2.1MB)
Y.Taguchi (2.2MB)

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