[Employment] Designer and Staff Wanted

■ Job Details
  Architectural work for apartment building, residence, commercial facility, Interior design and design supervision
  Using software: VectorWorks, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

■ Required Skills and Qualifications
  Japanese speaking and writing ability, Graduate degree from Junior college or higher
  Three years experience after obtaining a first class architectural license, Five years experience in working in an architectural office
  Assistant position:
  Graduate degree from a Junior college of architecture and interior design or higher
  Two years experience with working in an architectural or interior design office

■ Working Hours : 10:00am ~ 7:00pm

■ Holiday : Every other Saturday, Sunday and National holidays

■ Employee benefits and fringe benefits : Several kinds of social insurance available

■ Salary
  200,000 yen/month and up, experience and ability taken into consideration. Internship applied.
  Overtime and holiday working allowance, qualification allowance, transportation expenses provision

■ Office Address : 4-25-D-105 Minamihorie, Nishiku, Osaka 550-0015 Japan

■ Please send your resume and portfolio to the attention of “recruitment staff”. I’m sorry but we cannot return your document.
  Please include your email address. We will get back to you later.

■ If you are interested in Japan Architects Association Opendesk please email your request to the attention of “recruitment staff”.