Last Updated: Feb 18, 2024

Education Laboratory was established in 1993 in Yamanashi, Japan.
This geographical location provides rich natural environment and the field for the Human Relations Laboratory.

Information about the Education Laboratory
E Provides courses and texts for development of human relations skills and knowledge.
Education Laboratory also develops and creates new programs and courses.
E Offers trainings and courses to raise new facilitators and to increase facilitation skills.
E Provides educational courses and workshops for the youths to maximize their potential and promote different values and lives.
E Provides the field and space for people's interactions and exchanges.

Representative: Tetsuo Tazaki
Facilitator for Human Relations Training

Experience Learning and the Facilitator

This is a picture of Education Laboratory's main complex "Creative House Egusa."
This complex was build 170 years ago and it has traditional Japanese fireplace called "irori."
You can enjoy both healthy Japanese food and rich natural environment.